Shipping a car from Texas to Chicago

shipping a car texas to chicago

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What options do I have when shipping a car?

If you need to move a vehicle from Texas to Chicago, the first option that comes to mind is to drive. Driving may be a good option when the distance is not greater than 300 miles, your car is in an excellent driving condition, and you don’t mind a short road trip.

In this particular case though, the driving distance from Texas to Chicago exceeds a thousand miles. Embarking on such a long road trip is not a decision you make on a whim. Besides figuring out the best route to take, gas costs, food and rest stops, you’ll need to make sure that both you and your vehicle are prepared to handle the extended haul.

And what if you have more than one vehicle and not enough drivers? Do you own a classic car or an expensive luxury vehicle that you would not want to expose to a thousand miles road trip? Or maybe your car does not run and you don’t have any other option, but to ship it. If any of these circumstances apply to you, then hiring a professional auto transport company would be your most affordable and convenient option.

When you hire an auto transport company you free yourself from the responsibility of moving your vehicle. It saves you time and spares your car additional hundreds of miles of wear and tear. Shipping a car from Texas to Chicago with a car shipping company is safer and often less expensive than driving. In fact, private customers and businesses alike contract vehicle transporters daily.

What services do auto transport companies offer?

Typically, auto transport services vary by company. You’ll be offered a choice based on the type of carrier and on the time frame of delivery you prefer. Corsia Logistics provides the following car shipping services:

  1. by type of carrier: open or enclosed car carrier
  2. by delivery frame: standard or expedited delivery

Corsia Logistics offers open car carrier transport and enclosed auto transport. In both cases, it is a door-to-door delivery. Very rarely do we ship cars from and to a terminal. Most individuals and businesses prefer door-to-door deliveries.

Next, you’ll need to choose between a standard service and an expedited delivery. The distinction between the two is the time of delivery. A standard car shipping service usually means that a carrier will pick up your vehicle within five business days and deliver it, in this case from Texas to Chicago within 4 to 6 days. However, please keep in mind that all dates and times are only estimates.

In the auto transport industry, there are factors that can delay the shipping. Such could be late customers, traffic jams, bad weather and sometimes truck failures. Cars are transported loaded on big trucks that haul anywhere from seven to ten vehicles, and they all go to different customers, which means that the carrier makes multiple stops, in different locations, to drop-off and pick up vehicles. If it is a single car carrier, running a short distance trip, delays are less likely to happen.

Expedited delivery could guarantee that your car is picked up or delivered on or by a specified date and time. To accommodate the situation, however, the entire schedule of the truck will have to be arranged around your requested dates. Also, in some cases, we need to involve a second or third company, a local carrier, to pick-up or deliver the vehicle on the specified date. So, expedited auto transport is always a more expensive service.

How much does it cost to ship a car from Texas to Chicago?

Shipping a vehicle is not like shipping a parcel. Often, customers look for the lowest price possible; but beyond the figure, it is important to understand the equation of a car shipping quote. The price from and to any destination is never a flat rate we can state right away. Several variables decide the final cost of shipping a vehicle.

The most important factors that decide the price are:

  1. Vehicle make and model
  2. Vehicle modifications
  3. Vehicle condition
  4. Type of car carrier
  5. Distance and location
  6. Supply and demand

Each and every factor is important to determine the right cost to ship a vehicle from Texas to Chicago. Vehicle’s make and model and the distance set the base price for shipping. However, they are not deciding factors. The type of carrier and the vehicle condition always affect the price. If a car is not running on its own power this increases the cost of shipping. When an enclosed trailer is requested this almost always more expensive. However, usually, a deciding factor is the current supply and demand situation on a given route. Fluctuations happen daily and that is why it is very important to track supply and demand constantly on national dispatch boards.

Our logistics experts track auto transport rates daily, manually and quote current market prices that will ship your vehicle in a professional and timely manner.

We do not use car shipping quote calculator, because automated quotes do not reflect the most current market conditions. Some major factors that affect car shipping prices change daily, making it practically impossible for software’s preset parameters to provide an accurate price.

What documents do I need when shipping a car?

We do not need any vehicle or personal documents from you. You or someone on your behalf needs to release the car and hand over the keys to the carrier at pick-up, as well as sign the Bill of Lading (BOL). The BOL is not only your receipt but also an inspection report. When the carrier inspects the car at pick-up, you need to check that all existing dents and damages are marked down. Then you sign the document and keep a copy. The same happens at delivery.

Is my vehicle insured during transport?

Yes, it is. Legally all auto transport carriers must have a minimum amount of cargo insurance. Carrier’s cargo insurance protects your vehicle against damages during loading, unloading, and transit and covers anything from theft, dents, and scratches to a total loss of a car. Liability limits, though, will vary from carrier to carrier. If your vehicle is especially valuable, make sure to discuss the insurance information with your shipper.

Can I ship personal items in my car?

Although most carriers allow you to include a box or suitcase in the trunk of your car, many would prefer to load an empty vehicle. If you decide to leave personal items in your vehicle, there are a few things you need to know. A carrier can refuse to ship a vehicle packed with personal items due to strict DOT weight limitations. And in certain situations, DOT may even confiscate your belongings without any reimbursement. Personal items left in your vehicle will not be protected by the carrier’s cargo insurance.


Moving from Texas to the Heart of America

Chicago skyline

The Heart of America – Chicago – is the third largest city in the US with a population of over 2.7 million. It is a transportation hub and that is where this nickname comes from. The Chicago Metropolitan area is home to over 9.5 million people. Often called “The city by the Lake” (referring to the Lake Michigan), or the Windy City, Chicago is a busy, densely populated city, with arguably the most beautiful skyline not only in the United States but in the entire world.

Moving from Texas to Chicago will be a big change in many aspects of your life. If you come from Houston or Dallas, the big city scene will not surprise you. However, Chicago is nothing like Houston or Dallas. You will see. What will surprise you the most is the weather. There will be plenty of snow for you to tackle in Chicago if you have not for the most part of your life in Texas.

Compared to the humid subtropical climate in most parts of Texas, Chicago weather gets very cold and snowy during the winter (especially in January and February). But once the cold season is over you get to enjoy warm blooming spring and hot summer.

Chicago housing and living costs

When comparing the cost of living in Texas and Chicago in general, Chicago tends to be on the more expensive side. The average rent for a studio in Chicago is $1,078 per month, upgrade it to a one-bedroom place and expect to pay $1,341 per month. In Texas, $1,164 will rent you a two-bedroom apartment. Keep in mind though that prices change dramatically depending on the neighborhood.

The cost of living and housing mostly depend on which city in Texas you are moving from. If you are moving from Dallas for example, you will find Chicago’s cost of living 16% more expensive, with housing over 40% more expensive. But if you are moving from Austin, Chicago will be 6% less expensive, with housing up to 30% cheaper.

Chicago’s neighborhoods differ a lot from one another, so we would recommend you to do your homework in advance and pick a neighborhood that best fits your lifestyle. The Downtown, River North, Loop, and the New East Side are some of the most preferred areas in Chicago.

Employment opportunities and getting around

Chicago offers a robust network of transportation methods for anyone who doesn’t own a vehicle but still wants to get around easily. It also is one of the best bike-friendly cities in the US with over 200 miles of biking paths connecting various neighborhoods.

If you are moving from Texas to Chicago without a job, manufacturing, real estate, publishing, insurance, healthcare, food processing, and IT are some of the best fields you could get a job in. Chicago is well-known for having the third-largest GMP in the United States with one of the most balanced economies in the country.

Top sights in Chicago

With a vibrant social scene, music festivals, great food and, of course, beer, Chicago will not disappoint you when it comes to leisure. The city boasts over 26 miles of shoreline, which means you will have plenty of fascinating beaches to choose from. The 31st Street Beach, Rainbow Beach and Park, Montrose Beach, North Avenue Beach, and Oak Street Beach, which also hosts volleyball tournaments, are just some of the most frequented ones.

Among the top sights, you should visit are the Willis Tower, Millenium Park, Navy Pier, Cloud Gate, Shedd Aquarium, the Art Institute of Chicago, and its magnificent parks such as Millennium Park, Oz Park, Lincoln Park, Indian Boundary Park, Grant Park, and Jackson Park.

Moving to Chicago with a car

Being a driver in Chicago can be more expensive if you compare it to Texas. Gas, car insurance, car payments, as well as parking permits carry a heftier price tag in Windy City. Once you settle in Chicago, you will have 30 days to apply for Illinois license plates. To register your vehicle in Chicago you will need to purchase your Illinois car insurance. For the most current vehicle registration fees and requirements consult your local Ilinois Secretary of State Office.

If you are planning on keeping your car within the City of Chicago limits, you will need to purchase and display a City Vehicle Sticker. Street cleaning really is a thing in Chicago. To avoid getting in the street cleaners’ way and untimely fines that come with it, subscribe to SweepAround for street cleaning alerts and reminders.


At Corsia Logistics we go above and beyond to provide our customers and their cars with the best service and exceed all expectations. In turn, our customers refer to us as trustworthy and reliable. Committed to making every relocation easy and affordable, we take pride in offering very personalized service to every one of our customers. If it’s your first time shipping a car, our logistics experts will walk you through the process and recommend the option that suits your particular situation best. Request an auto transport quote online now or call us with questions. Thank you!