Shipping a Car Bought Online Guide

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Online shopping is not easy, at least when it comes to cars. Nevertheless, it has its advantages. It saves you time and money and offers a larger variety of products than any of your local dealers. Moreover, it saves you from possibly an unpleasant interaction with a pushy salesperson.

Shipping a car you bought online

If you happen to have just bought your dream car online, congratulations! You probably cannot wait to hear the sweet engine roar. However, there is one thing “stopping” you from hopping in your new vehicle: you need to bring it home. This means you have to figure out how to move that vehicle from the place of purchase to your home. If this is out of state you may consider two main options such as driving the vehicle or hiring an auto transport company to ship it. Now we will discuss how shipping a car you bought online works.


Driving to your home state

Usually, this is the first option most auto enthusiasts consider when buying a car out of state. However, driving an automobile you bought online, hundreds or even thousands of miles could be tricky, not to mention unsafe. Auto dealerships usually place guarantees about their automobiles, especially if it is pre-owned certified. Yet things happen, especially on the road. Even if you have done some kind of inspection of the vehicle, through a friend or a company, this still does not guarantee the car will be 100 percent in order. So, driving a car you do not really know is always a risk.

Moreover, long-distance trips also cost money. You need to make sure you calculate all of your costs. Such trips involve paying for gas, food, and lodging. Not to mention any possible break downs or damages caused by accidents. Keep in mind that you will also add miles to your new automobile.

Hiring an auto shipping company is usually the smartest move when it comes to shipping a car bought online.

Find a reliable auto shipping company

Nowadays, you can easily find an auto transport company online. In fact, there are many of them that will show up in your search results. Hiring a car shipping company involves two main processes – finding and choosing.

As mentioned, the finding could be quite easy. You type in auto transport companies in your browser or in Google Search and start scrolling. Nevertheless, our advice is to never be satisfied only with the first page of Google Search. Research means more than that. Take your time and research several companies. We talk about that often because it is important to know how to find a car shipping company. Then it comes to a more difficult task – the moment of choosing.

It could prove hard work to choose a company

You should hire a trustworthy and reliable company that will take good care of your car. That is why you will need to compare several companies prices. However, do not choose based on price solely. You have to read their websites and read online customer reviews. Furthermore, you should talk to their representatives to understand them better.

When searching for a car transporter do not settle for the one offering the lowest price. Neither should you go for the most expensive bid. A car shipping company should simply offer you a fair and realistic estimate based on the current market price. Review our guide about the cost to ship a car to better understand how pricing works.


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Car shipping process steps

Here are the steps that will help you understand how auto transport with a professional company works:

1. You request a car shipping quote online or by phone.
2. The second step is to disclose details about the vehicle – make, model, modifications.
3. Thirdly, a logistics expert will schedule your shipment based on your desired shipping dates.
4. Then a carrier picks up your car one to a few business days from your first available date.
5. Inspection of the vehicle before loading and at delivery is very important.

The transit time depends on the distance – your agent will inform you of the estimated delivery time. At delivery, the carrier must inspect the vehicle again and you need to sing the Bill of Lading.


Vehicle condition

The company you hire should deliver the car in the exact condition you purchased it. That is why you need to carefully check your ride for any damages at delivery. It is very important to know the exact condition of the vehicle you have purchased. Unless you have a friend who can go and inspect the vehicle for you, your other option is to hire an inspection company to do a pre-purchase car inspection to guarantee the exact condition.

When you book a car shipping service you need to inform the company of the condition of your car. It is very important not only for the correct pricing of your shipment but also for the transport itself. At pick-up, the carrier will inspect the vehicle and mark any pre-existing outer damages on the Bill of Lading. This is a must do. Moreover, if the vehicle has a pre-purchase inspection report the dealership or the private seller you buying it from should give it to the carrier to add to the carrier inspection report.

It is in your best interest to know the exact condition of the vehicle you bought online. Furthermore, you will not have to spend extra money and time fixing things that should have been fixed or paying extra for transport.


If you are looking for a company to transport a car you bought online call us to discuss your options. You can also request a car shipping quote online. Moreover, if you prefer more personalized service, give us a chance to get to know you and your car better, call (818) 850-5258 to speak with one of our logistics experts. Thank you.


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