Shipping a Pontiac Catalina 1965

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Car Shipping Services – Pontiac Catalina 1965

This classic car was shipped a few months ago and we totally forgot to post the images! Here are some great photos to enjoy. This oldie was shipped within the state (of California) and that’s why we arranged for a local towing company to come help us transport it. The guys did a great job transporting the Pontiac on a one car open carrier. Check out the photos and you will see that the auto transport of a classic car, especially at short distances is easy. We can transport classic automobiles across the country or across the state – wherever you would like. Give us a call at 818.850.5258 if you need an auto transport quote and have questions. Now enjoy the photos.

Pontiac Catalina 1965

Auto transport Pontiac Catalina 1965

Pontiac Catalina 65

Pontiac Catalina ON the car transport trailer

Pontiac Catalina ON the trailer.

Pontiac Catalina loaded onto the trailer

strapping the Pontiac

strapping the Pontiac and moving to delivery

Shipping Pontiac Catalina ’65 was Easy and Fun!

After the strapping is done the vehicle leaves to its destination / delivery address. For short distances, within the state, the delivery is usually the same day. Read through our article on shipping distances and times, and if you still have questions please call or email us. Expect a short video of the transport soon as well. For now you can check out our YouTube channel for some other videos of some great vehicles! Please, feel free to comment and ask questions in the comments. Thank you


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