Why you should ship your BMW

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It is that time of the year again. When Christmas, New Year, and the mere thought of making snow angels in the yard gets your heart pumping. If you are BMW owner, however, all these thoughts might be overshadowed by the stress over getting your car ready for winter, or for moving in the winter.

The most important question you should ask yourself is not whether you need winter tires, and where to get them. It is whether you ought to be driving your BMW in winter conditions at all. Well, we are not saying you should keep it in the garage, where’s the pleasure in that?! But there are certain occasions when you should opt for shipping it instead of driving.

Shipping your BMW

The holidays are a good way to strengthen our family bonds. But driving long-distance in winter also raises the question if the BMW is a genuinely good snow vehicle after all. Not really. Even a BMW X5 xDrive35d is inferior to most Jeep models or a Land Rover. Also, BMW owners are known for being passionate about their vehicles. They would do everything to keep the car in a top-notch condition. So why go through all the nerves of driving in the holiday traffic and possible weather adversities?

Even if you drive the BMW 328i xDrive Sports Wagon, which is one of the best BMWs for winter driving, there’s always one thing to consider: other drivers’ negligence. There’s always someone who thinks they don’t need to adjust their driving style to weather conditions. So wouldn’t that be worse? Ruining your BMW because of someone else’s carelessness.

On that note, driving with ski equipment could be an even riskier activity for your BMW. Adding to the weight of the car may not be a good option as many BMW models are already vulnerable in snow due to their weight. Whether you want to go to Aspen or Austria, you’d better meet your BMW at the final destination. The only time we would agree to you driving your BMW in extreme winter conditions would be at the BMW Snow Drifting Program.

Moving to a New Home

Moving to a new home during the winter months has its charm. The weather helps you feel cozy much more quickly than in the summer months. Yet, moving everything from one place to another in the snow can be an issue. You have to worry about dozens of boxes, and on top of that – your BMW. Which is probably more valuable to you than half of the junk you have in the “garage” boxes. Thus shipping your BMW should be kind of a priority.

When relocating in winter, your attention is focused on various things. Making sure you’ve packed all winter essentials, being aware of current and forecast weather conditions are just some of the things you worry about. Your BMW does not deserve the stress in such hectic times. Not only do you need to worry about the moving truck, but you also have to think about prepping your BMW for the trip. Too stressful for her, too, trust me. You’d better invest some time in getting your vehicle ready for shipping rather than the torture of moving in the winter.

Aversion to long-distance driving

Well, isn’t it obvious? Some consider the BMW as one of the best German cars for long-distance driving. Its sleek design, the comfort. Almost like you are on the speed limitless highway. Yet, if you don’t have the experience just yet, embarking on a long-distance journey might be a nightmare. You’ll be stressed during the whole time wondering whether you’ll get your precious baby home safely or you’ll end up having to buy another one.

Sad but quite likely. It takes a lot of energy from a BMW owner to not think about all possible damages that could happen to a car on their first long drive. Why bother? There’s always an option of shipping your BMW in an enclosed trailer that will protect every inch of your vehicle.

Why you should ship your BMW

BMW drivers are most notorious for traffic violations. A 2013 study by the Institute of Personality and Social Research at the University of California, Berkeley confirmed that BMW owners are the worst at following traffic rules. There is a grain of truth in every rumor after all, right? Many say that such behavior is acceptable from BMW owners because there is no other car like it. It is made for performance enthusiasts who have built up their own style of driving which can only be met by a BMW.

Unlike Mercedes and Audi owners, who put style and manliness first, BMW aficionados are all about the idea of driving itself. Therefore, they are more likely to break the rules just to test their vehicles’ and their own limits.

As I have previously mentioned, sometimes it is better to disobey the rules for the sake of our safety. Yet, this is not always how other drivers on the road see our moves. Another survey done by the Car Throttle showed that among 7500 respondents, 41% find BMWs as the most disliked. Whether there’s an objective reason for that is a different question, but this dislike inspires similar emotions from others on the roads as well. Because of this bias, you and your vehicle might be in danger even when you have done nothing wrong. Why would you want to risk being involved in such a situation?

Driverless cars would be a great solution for aggressive behavior on the roads. Then people wouldn’t be labeled with names based on the cars they drive. Manufacturers would become less stereotyped, too, and it will be all about the car’s features. Unfortunately, there is still some time till you as a BMW owner can enjoy an eventless drive.

Until then, there’s always a chance that your BMW gets the hatred of the driver behind you. Keeping yourself and your car safe should be your priority, so think about the benefits of shipping your BMW when you have to move long-distance.

Auto transport can save you money…

Choosing to hire an auto transport company will save you time and money. Think of all the cash you would spend on driving the car from point A to point B. Gas is just a tiny part. Add up the daily meals and the nights at the hotel that you will have to pay when you are driving yourself.

If you hire a car hauler, all of this will be substituted by a fee that matches your situation precisely. Learn more about the cost to ship a car so you won’t have to think about possible additional expenses either. You won’t have to spend the weekend on the road or lose more money by taking a day off from work. In the end, you will have saved some money that can get you more gas or a new accessory for your BMW.

… and you will feel happier driving your BMW afterward

As I have said already, hiring a car shipping company will save you tons of stress on the road. You won’t have to deal with other drivers or extreme traffic and weather conditions. Customer service at auto transport companies is quite friendlier than other stressed people on the highways.

Car shipping companies like Corsia Logistics help you get your mind off the transportation details. Your BMW gets the attention it deserves and you get a door to door service. There isn’t a moment during the whole journey that you will have to worry about simply because it is all well-planned in advance. All shipping terms & conditions are explained for you so that you can feel at ease.

Shipping a BMW across America

Being a BMW owner carries its responsibilities. It’s not just the idea of being behind the wheel of a sleek European car. Driving a BMW is not like driving a Ford, nowhere near driving a Volkswagen. It gives you a unique combination of luxury, convenience, and prestige. An extraordinary feeling of its own.

Why you should ship your BMW

Being careless about a car is not a trait of a BMW owner. Especially during winter. So think in advance. How valuable is your BMW to you? Whether you have a BMW i3 that needs to be transported to Aspen, an M4 that you want to take down to Florida, or a new BMW classic. There’s always a shipping option for you.

Here is how the shipping process goes in simple steps. Once you decide you want to ship your BMW to your desired destination, do your research and start from here:

  1. Get a car shipping quote online or call (818) 850-5258.
  2. Schedule your shipment – set your first available pick-up date.
  3. Prepare your car for shipping – inside and out.
  4. Perform vehicle inspection at pick-up alongside the carrier.
  5. At delivery, perform inspection again, sign, and pay the remaining balance.

If you are a proud BMW owner and need to ship your car to another state or across the country, our logistics experts will gladly walk you through every step of the car shipping process. We also encourage you to review the informationa; guides on our website and call us with questions. Thank you!





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