The Greatness of Porsche and How to Ship One

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There is no need to introduce the Porsche. Anything we say about it will seem too little or too modest. The Porsche is widely considered the ideal car for drivers seeking high-performance thrills, but it has come to mean much more than just a sports car. The founders of the company define the experience of owning a Porsche very specifically in a simple sentence.

“The Porsche represents an attainable dream.”

Building up Greatness

Over 70 years of family tradition .. One of the distinguishable characteristics that make the history of Porsche so great is the interlinkage between the company and the family itself. The founder Ferdinand Porsche, also known as the senior Porsche, was an engineering genius. He was the one who designed the first Volkswagen Beetle.

His brilliant mind and sense of innovation led to the unbeatable Auto Union Grand Prix cars in the 1930s. The cooperation between the Auto Union and Porsche led to the development of the first lightweight sports cars that could yet fit large engines creating great horsepower. From that time on, Porsche started living in the minds of people as the car synonymous with racing. Today, Porsche cars have won over 24,000 auto races all over the world.

It was the young Porsche, Ferry, who led the company to growth. He was looking for lightweight sports cars but couldn’t find one that fit his criteria. And just like any other modern entrepreneur, he decided to build one himself. With the very first Porsche sports car, the 356 model, he set the start of Porsche’s great future.

The 356 introduced the concept of reliability and comfort to sports cars for the first time and changed the perception of sports cars forever.

Unmatched design & performance

It was soon after that Porsche introduced their own engines and began developing new more powerful models, each of which became a legend. Yes, the 911 is the one that pops in our minds immediately. In a little over 50 years, the 911 has become an icon of German design and engineering. Today, it is one of the most recognizable automobiles in the world.

In 2012, the Porsche 911 earned the title of The World Performance Car. Its top speed increased by 75mph since its inception and now reaches 205 mph. Yet, the silhouette and the distinctive shape have remained almost exactly the same.

Each Porsche model is a combination of skill and talent – an engineering masterpiece, a piece of art. One of Porsche’s main principles is that “design always follows function”. The design is not an end goal. It must prove itself – it should stand up to tests and continuously tightening requirements before it becomes a genuine Porsche.

The company engineers make it sound almost like the design is a bonus rather than a key feature of the brand. Yet, we recognize a Porsche the moment we see it, thanks to the distinctive design and contours: the roof-line, the higher wings, the powerful shoulders. Features that every Porsche model has picked up on and reinterpreted for its own era and character.

If you want to live through Porsche’s history and meet the craftsmanship behind the brand, visit The Porsche Museum in Stuttgart, Germany. A glamorous building that becomes the home of over 600 traveling Porsche models, 80 of which on permanent display. Not only does it host Porsche’s most iconic vehicles but it also stores the Porsche spirit and values. The museum translates the dynamic of the Porsche brand into architecture – it’s a visual expression of confidence, independence, and power.

A Matter of Prestige

While other manufacturers are engulfed in producing large quantities of vehicles, Porsche still gives the perception of the independent automaker of high-performance cars. People who value the brand remain loyal to it throughout their whole lives. The love of the brand runs through the family, and you can often see several generations who drive the Porsche 911. Should we even mention that the Porsche is a favorite brand of soccer players, actors and hundreds of celebrities?

One of the most exquisite elements of the Porsche lifestyle is the brand’s crest. It has become a world-known symbol of highest quality and prestige. To many, the Porsche emblem looks like a coat of arms. This is no accident because it represents the coat of arms of the city of Stuttgart, which was made on a stud farm. For this reason, the horse is the main element of the emblem. The antlers and red-and-black stripes are essential components of the arms of the Kingdom of Württemberg.


Initially, there was no symbol on Porsche’s cars, only the automaker’s name. It was in 1951 when the Porsche distributor in the USA suggested the company needed a symbol or a mascot that would make it stand out. Some legends state that when Ferry Porsche heard this, he sketched the first logo on a napkin and brought it back to Germany. Others say that the logo was crafted long before that by a famous German engineer who worked with the senior Porsche. Who knows?

What we know for sure is that the Porsche logo first appeared on the Porsche 356 in 1953 and has remained one of the most enduring logos in the automobile industries.

Taking Care of your Gem

Sports cars are not like any other vehicles you drive. Merely because they are not an everyday car. They are passion items, even collectibles for some. Sports cars are supposed to be driven with higher speed, on roads that are not crowded and allow you to express your passion.

Porsche is a special car and deserves to be treated like one. Getting stuck in traffic with your Porsche 911 is a torture, not only for you, but for the vehicle itself. It’s an offense to everyone involved in the history of Porsche who worked incessantly to build the brand’s character.

If you are loyal to Porsche, you would invest time and knowledge into taking care of your gem. Pay special attention to these few tips:

  1. Brakes
    Porsche that is not driven for long will often suffer the brake discs corroding. This is hard to notice because the back of the disc suffers the most. Hence, if you hear vibration when you brake, plan on a check-up.
  2. Tires
    Usually, sports cars need to have their tires replaced sooner than other cars. With age, rubber deteriorates, the grip is reduced, and integrity diminishes. Check the age of your tires and if over six, plan on getting new ones.
  3. Filters
    Regular routine replacement of all filters, lubricants, coolant and the other parts is critical. Use the mileage guidelines as your benchmark. Sensing that mechanical tolerances have become so tight even slight variations create drastic performance changes.
  4. Engine
    General overall cleanliness of your engine is the best preventive maintenance you can perform on your Porsche. A clean engine runs cooler and is much less likely to cause premature failure of other parts.


If you are a true owner of a Porsche, you would know that protection and care are what will keep it in good health. You wouldn’t take it out every single day just to do the groceries and you would definitely not drive it all the way across the country. If you need to transport your Porsche to a new location, shipping it would save you tons of worry and miles of maintenance.

Shipping your Porsche

A Porsche is a pricey investment. You shouldn’t risk driving it thousands of miles when the mere thought of a tiny scratch makes you cringe. Shipping your Porsche with a company that doesn’t give you honest information on the process, and it is just too pricey is probably worse than driving the car yourself.

Do your research and choose an auto transport company that is open to sharing its policies and has extensive experience with shipping such vehicles.

One of our favorite Porsche models is 1972 Porsche 911. Corsia Logistics was hired to transport this vehicle from California to Connecticut some times ago, but we do transport them on regular basis. If you have a classic Porsche, you would probably want to double the amount of care into shipping it.

This is why most often we advise owners of classic and luxury cars to book enclosed carrier. Enclosed auto shipping means more personable experience and care for the car. Its biggest advantage is that the enclosed trailer protects the vehicle from weather conditions and road elements.

We transport Porsche automobiles almost every day. Here is a 1995 model that traveled across California on an open carrier. So you know you can do that too!



We are looking forward to hearing your story, and answering your Porsche shipping questions. Corsia Logistics logistics experts are always eager to discuss the shipping process in detail with you. We respect the love you have for your Porsche, and we approach each vehicle with care. You can easily schedule your shipment with us. Request a quote online or call our team now. We are here to help you ship your Porsche with peace of mind. Thank you.


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