Should You Buy a Corvette?

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Choosing a car requires rational thinking most of anything else. A car that offers utility, a car that is affordable, a car that does its job well. But that is not why we have the diversity of makes and models, right. If the pragmatic approach dictated our taste in cars, we would have only a couple of makes and models to choose from. That’s not the case, however, because emotion kicks in and lasts much longer than rationale.

Usually, before you make up your mind, you consider a few makes and models. Then you choose based on what you want to feel. When you are after adrenaline you look for a fast sports car, like a Lamborghini or a Corvette.

When we talk about classics, the connection you feel towards certain model is at least several times stronger than the objective evaluation of the car or the state it’s in. Whether you drive a Pontiac or a Beetle, you feel like an entirely different person. Some models generate stronger associations than others. Classic cars, for example, accomplish even more – they established and present a character throughout time.

The Corvette is probably one of the few models that have achieved a genuinely strong and distinctive connection to people from all over the world.

Psychologist Charles Kenny also believes that the model you choose to drive says much about your personality.  Throughout his experience, Kenny has worked with many automakers and believes the Corvette is quite unique. Unlike other brands, the distinctive character of the model gives more to its owner than just a classic sports car. Buyers of Corvette models seek power and control, Kenny says. They don’t seek others’ recognition but rather make a statement of their strength and authority.

Corvette owners want to feel in charge of the situation and their lives.

Another distinctive feature of Corvette owners is the desire for immortality: theirs and the car’s. That’s why many owners would get upset if something goes wrong with their Corvette. They want it to be safe and shiny forever.

A Corvette is not considered the best investment, yet that does not stop many from buying it. The decision to buy one comes from gut instincts and the love for the brand rather than anything else. Moreover, if one buys a new Corvette, he is very likely to keep the old one too.

The Vette is not a classic you buy to show off with speeding or daredevil maneuvers like you would with most other sports cars. The Corvette is for people who have grown beyond the impulses; people who have reached a stage in their character development when they don’t act on a whim anymore. They are confident and attractive, and they act as such. Still, they fancy the attention their C1 Corvette would get when parked in front of the bakery.

What distinguishes Corvette owners from those with a Camaro, for example? There is an important financial aspect involved. But also other muscle car owners are a galaxy away from poise and maturity of Corvette drivers. Many buy their sports classics to weave through traffic in the attempt to manage their impulse issues, says Kenny. But instead of helping to resolve those issues, the car only adds to the dynamics of its driver’s personality.

The Corvette inspires more confidence and self-control in the driver.

The Corvette makes its driver believe he’s truly in control. It’s no surprise the Corvette is one of the few models that have retained their symbolic meaning to people throughout the years. Brands like Mustang, Buick, or the Cadillac have altered their own image over the decades and now carry different symbolism. The Vette has remained what many call “a true brand” – a brand with an immortal spirit.

So if you’ve recognized yourself somewhere between the lines, go ahead and get a Vette. At least we know you will value your immortality in a truly masculine manner. Now is probably also a good time to learn how to ship a Corvette back home. Be prepared from start to end.

The Corvette:

  • It’s not a muscle car for show-offs. It’s a classic sports car for real men.
  • It requires care and attention more than any other classic.
  • It will be your partner in improving your impulse control.
  • It puts control in your hands.

Are you prepared to have one?






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