Lamborghini Aventador Shipping Guide

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They call it a timeless powerhouse … Lamborghini Aventador. It is Italy’s meanest, most glamorous and mysterious car that can take you places … in seconds.

If you are into extreme sports, then driving a Lamborghini Aventador should do it for you. A 700 hp, 350 km/h and 0-100km/h in 2.9 sec. Driving this kind of a beast is not going be easy. The Aventador is a two seater, hyper sports car. If you want a challenge, get ready to sit low because these cars are low!

Keep in mind that on the road you will be the minority in this car. Other drivers of bigger and heavier cars won’t see you. They will sure hear you though because you will be loud. That’s what you paid for after all – a motor that roars.

Now put the seat forward and lean back! Are you ready? Do you know what you are doing? If you are ready to hit the pedal to the metal, fasten your seat-belt first. That is what our customer told us about her car, the one you see in the photos.

How to ship Lamborghini Aventador?

The Aventador has been a sales success for Lamborghini all along. They have given sports cars enthusiast the unique driving experience many have always wanted.  It is a powerful supercar. If you are about to drive one for the first time, don’t turn off the traction mode and drive within your limits.


Lamborghini Aventador Auto Transport


Ruthlessly powerful, indecently extravagant, insanely fast, and hence, crazy expensive. The Aventador is not a car for a trip across the country.

If you own a Lamborghini, or any other supercar, and the mere thought of a minor scuff mark on its body makes you cringe, then your best bet is to hire a professional car transport company. Due to their high value, sports cars require extra care during transport. You need a reputable auto transporter that knows how to handle high-end vehicles, you need white glove service.

What type of car carrier should I choose?

We strongly recommend you choose enclosed auto transport carrier to ship a Lamborghini Aventador. It offers full protection from weather conditions and road elements.

The most sound advice is to ship your sports car in an enclosed trailer.

More specifically, you can choose between a multi-car carrier and a single car carrier.

Enclosed multi-car carriers are usually requested for transport across the country. Enclosed transport is often times more expensive. However, multi-car carriers are still less expensive than a single car carrier. It all depends on the distance and the exclusivity of the service you require.

Single car carriers are booked for shorter distance, or expedited services. Booking an enclosed single-car carrier will cost more because of their exclusivity and the protection they provide.


Enclosed shipping Lamborghini Aventador


How much does sports car transport cost?

Shipping a sports car is generally more expensive. We say this because when you really care about your car you choose a more secure option.

Yet, the price to ship a Lamborghini Aventador depends on more than the type of trailer. Several factors affect the cost to ship a car.

As a rule of thumb, vehicle make and model, and any modifications done to the car affect the cost.

Distance and exact pick up and drop off location matter as well. The longer the distance, the more car shipping costs.

Transportation between major metro areas costs less, simply because truckers have more opportunities to find loads fast.

Supply and demand fluctuations in the auto transport industry play a major role in prices. When the demand is high, the truck space is limited. Hence, correctly priced vehicles ship first.

Transport type of course also determines your price quote. The choice is between open and enclosed carrier. Given the high value of a Lamborghini, we highly recommend enclosed trailer.

How to choose an auto transport company to trust?

To help you with this question we need to explore how auto transport works, and explain the three entities involved. The three main entities you can find online are brokers, lead providers and carriers.

Brokers / management companies

A broker company is your logistics management partners. They work with thousands of carriers from  across the country. This means they can find a carrier that travels your route fast. Brokers make sure a carrier is properly insured and licensed. They work with you and the carrier to agree on current market price that is fair to both parties. A broker also check safety ratings usually not visible to customer.

Carrier companies

Carriers are the backbone of the industry. They do the actual hauling of vehicles. Most carriers are independent owner operators who prefer to be on the road every day, making money transporting vehicles rather than looking for leads. For this exact reason, many carriers don’t even have an online presence. They build relationships with brokers that help them fill their cargo space.

Lead providers

In your search for an auto transport company, you will encounter one more player in the industry – lead providers. Their websites are often misleading, making you believe they are either a broker or carrier. In reality, they are neither. A lead provider collects your information and then sells it to various brokers. Therefore, whenever you see a promise of multiple car shipping quotes, think twice before submitting your contact details.

To make sure the company is compliant with government regulations, check USDOT licensing and ask about insurance. Inquire about the cargo insurance. you can always ask about certificate of insurance. This part is especially important since you are transporting a high end car.

Shipping your precious Lamborghini Aventador with Corsia Logistics is easy. We work with specialized auto dealerships from across the country. We can arrange car transport anywhere within the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii. Our logistics experts will walk you through the entire process. We believe transparency is key. Therefore, we encourage you to ask questions. Thank you.

















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