The heart of the beast: Jeep Corvette CJ-Z06

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In the world of cars, you can find many peculiar projects. People like exploring their creative urges and coming up with… something. Rusty Slammington serves as a perfect example of what happens when you cannot give up on a car.

That said, even good ol’ Rusty cannot match the craziness of certain vehicles out there. Simply calling them “cars” would not do them any justice either. They spring out of the minds of enthusiasts who like wondering what would happen if you mash 2 models together at 3 a.m. But instead of remaining hypothetical inventions, they come to life.

Today we have in focus one such mashup of a car. Our team at Corsia Logistics has transported a beast, which deserves to have its story told. I am talking about the weirdness that is Jeep Corvette CJ-Z06. A mouthful of a name for a monster of a car!

What is Jeep Corvette CJ-Z06 anyway?

Sometimes Google can be a terrible rabbit hole to fall in. If you start researching this vehicle, you may end up at places you have never expected to even exist. At least I did.

As it turns out, mashing together Jeeps and Corvettes is a bit of a thing in some circles. The degrees of success vary greatly though. Not all mashups end up looking as slick as the model we transported. Some are much more fitting of the “monster” title, like this sad excuse for a Jeep Corvette.

Obviously, the CJ-Z06 is miles ahead in both design and quality of execution. It still raises some questions though. The 2001 Chevrolet Corvette C5 Z06, on which the car is based, is rather iconic on its own. So who would ruin such a car just to humor their creativity? Or a perfectly good Jeep CJ for that matter…

We do not really have to worry about that though. The Corvette used in the process was a salvage car that had been damaged in an accident. I could not find much info on the Jeep, but I suspect its fate does not differ that much. So to answer the initial question – our spotlight vehicle is just that: parts of a Jeep body on a Corvette chassis. Though how it came together is a whole different thing.

How do you even mash such distinct cars together?

Jeep Corvette CJ-Z06

When you see the finished product, you may not realize how difficult the process of creating it actually is. At first glance, I thought the guys simply mixed and matched what they could from both cars. A bit of trial and error would get you there, right? Wrong!

Apparently, the Z06 Corvette had sustained quite a bit of body damage. They had to strip away not only the body parts but the whole interior along with the dashboard. At least the engine was left in. Yet it also received its fair share of changes with a modified air intake and a custom exhaust, among other things. Putting all that into account, the modded engine likely reached 400hp (with 385hp for a brand new Z06 at the time).

A roll cage was also added to the build to give it better structural integrity. With these things done it was ready to receive the Jeep body parts. I cannot tell you the exact Jeep CJ model used though – they all pretty much have the same memorable look.

The hood and grille of the Jeep are obvious on the images, but they are not the only parts taken from it. Some of the body was sliced up and stitched to the sides and back of the Frankenstein vehicle. So with the design work done, the last question came forward – how functional was this new beast?

Is the Jeep Corvette CJ-Z06 drivable?

I have already mentioned the modded engine, which was functional from the get-go. However, it takes a lot of other things to make this monster safe to drive.

Even with the huge Bridgestone Potenza RE71 tires and the roll cage, this car weighed in at 2,450 pounds. Pretty close to featherweight, I would say. That means the 400hp engine could really put you in a tough spot. Thankfully, the builders knew that and installed custom-valved shock absorbers together with a ZR1 front sway bar. If that does not tell you much, it simply means the car’s handling was greatly improved.

On top of all that, the brakes received quite the upgrade too. The guys took those from a C06 generation of the same Corvette model (i.e. one generation higher) and slapped them on their project car. They also managed to keep the ABS operational, though with no traction control.

Quite a lot of technical details, right? That is all of them, I promise. The Jeep only donated the body, so nothing from it carries over to the performance of the car. Let’s now see the purpose this whole project serves!

Where can you use this monster car?

I doubt that anyone thinks you can drive this beast on the road. Even if it is somehow legal to do that (I have not checked that), it would be a waste. It is not exactly a comfort ride. Instead, this thing needs the freedom to spread its wings. So let it fly!

The builders themselves claim that it is nothing short of a track toy. I think that every car enthusiast would be pleased to take it for a spin. Even if I do not fancy the looks all that much, sheer curiosity has me wondering what the feeling would be in such a car.

On the other hand, this unique example of human ingenuity makes for a wonderful collection piece. It has already been sold, but if you are looking for something like it, make sure to read our article on buying and shipping a project car. It can give you an idea of what you need to look for when considering such a thing. Speaking of which…

How do you feel about a mashup vehicle?

What do you think when you look at this Jeep Corvette CJ-Z06 mashup? At first glance, it does not really look like the most appealing thing, does it? However, I think it grows on you. You are not going to use it for any fashion pageants, of course, but it can be a cool addition to an existing collection.

It also did not cost all that much. The car sold for a bit more than 11 grand, which sounds perfectly reasonable. People are giving a thousand times more money for artwork anyway.

As far as interesting cars go, the CJ-Z06 definitely gets a spot near the top. Do you know of another cool car for me to research? Corsia Logistics has provided car shipping services for many great cars over the years, yet I am always open for the next one!


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