The importance of multiple car shipping quotes

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Let’s say you are moving cross-country. Or maybe just half-way through the North American continent. You’ve already planned how to pack your entire life in a dozen of boxes. And you have also made a list of those to be notified of your upcoming move. Moreover, you decided to ditch the long and stressful car ride and ship your vehicle with an auto transport company.

Shipping a car is probably going to represent a large chunk of your moving expenses. It is only natural you would want to get the most for your money. How do you know what would be the best? To get the best quote from a reputable company you have to do your homework.

You need multiple car shipping quotes

To determine the best shipping company that will offer the most competitive price and quality of service, you should request at least three quotes. What customers should do is find a few reputable auto transport companies and request quotes online or call. Speaking to a logistics expert will answer the most common vehicle shipping questions.

When you start searching online you will find many companies with low rates. Not all rates are equal. Do not be lured by low prices! What you want is a carrier to deliver your vehicle safe and sound in a timely manner. Only a reputable company that quotes realistic rates can provide quality service. That is why to be able to compare and understand pricing and hence service, you should collect several quotes.

When you have a few quotes you can see the differences in rates. Just as low rates mean low quality service, extremely high prices can often mean the same. You do not want to aim for the highest price because the most expensive company does not equal the highest quality of service. What you want to aim at is the golden mean.

An accurate and realistic market price is your golden mean that will provide quality service in a timely manner. This is a rate that reflects all factors that affect the cost to ship a car. A good transport management company can provide a realistic rate that reflects current market conditions. This kind of rate is often quoted manually. A car shipping quote calculator is a software that does not take into account the most important factor – supply and demand.

Requesting several quotes will help you determine your golden mean. The price to ship a vehicle depends on a few factors and nowadays many companies use automated quoting, which skips on freshness. Automated quotes do not take into account supply and demand fluctuations that happen daily.

With auto transport services supply and demand situation plays an important role in pricing. An inaccurate rate usually means longer than usual wait for pick up. This ultimately leads to increasing of the initial price to a more realistic, close to market conditions price that will ship your vehicle.

Factors that affect the cost to ship a car

  • Distance and Locations.
  • Seasonality or Supply/Demand Situation.
  • Vehicle Make and Model.
  • Running or Non-Running Condition.
  • Classic, Sports or Exotic Cars.

Why does the price vary from carrier to carrier?

Once you receive several quotes from different auto shippers, you will see the differences. This is when you will have to really pay attention and ask question. To choose the service that works for you and your car you need information. Some shippers offer enclosed auto shipping as their standard service, others may charge a premium for it. Also, you can always ask about available discounts. Some auto shippers may offer a student, senior or military discount. Sometimes you may get a break on the price by shipping multiple vehicles at the same time.

Research and choose wisely!

Word of mouth is priceless when it gets to choosing an auto transport company. Referral from a friend or family is the best you can hope for. However, when you cannot count on such a referral you turn to customer testimonials. A company that offers quality service will have solid online reputation.You can read Corsia Logistics reviews on TrustPilot, Google+ and other sources online, as well as check social media.

Give yourself enough time to research your options before you choose a vehicle shipper. In order to receive an accurate rate you will need to fill in a few vehicle shipping quote requests online.

Read the information on the car carrier’s website and your quote carefully, ask questions. This will help you better understand your quote and make a confident decision about which company will transport your car. To get a quote and ship your car with Corsia Logistics call  (818) 850-5258 or request a quote online. Thank you.

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