The Most Remarkable Cars Used By World Leaders and Royalties

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We all turn our heads when we see our dream car passing by us on the road. You know, that expensive model you want, but you know wouldn’t be reasonable to get it at the moment.

There is another kind of vehicle. One that not many people dream of. But they are truly the pinnacle of automobile craftsmanship. These are the specially built models for the world leaders.

Today we are going to take a good look at them and see why they are so extraordinary!


The Most Remarkable Cars Used by World Leaders and Royalties

I have to say that not all of these vehicles look remarkable per se. But it’s what we don’t see that matters. Keep an open mind!

Since I want you to understand why these vehicles are indeed amazing, I will also provide you with their price. It helped me put things in perspective, and it definitely explains a lot of things. So let’s get going!

The Vehicles of the Elite

While some of the world leaders have only one specific vehicle in their fleet (or at least one model), a lot of them aren’t satisfied with that. But I won’t show you each leader’s collection today. Rather we will focus on the most notable examples. Otherwise, this entire list could be comprised solely of the vehicles of the Royal Family of England.

The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave

Of course, we have to start the list with the US president. The vehicle, in which he takes a ride, the Cadillac One, is also known as the Beast. And it is truly a monster that costs the whopping $1,500,000. Surprisingly or not, this isn’t the most expensive car on the list, but it still is remarkable.

Of course, this VIP car is built in America. But that isn’t what drives the cost up. The actual truth is that very few people know what is implemented into the car, although many speculate.

The only thing we can safely say is that it’s bulletproof. The armor on that thing is 8 inches thick. That explains why it weighs 8 tons. It’s a tank in disguise.

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Mother Russia Drives In Style

If you thought that the Russian president would also pick a locally built vehicle, you are wrong. He placed his bet on the German piece of art – the Mercedes S-Class Limo.

It is again bulletproof, although not as heavily as the POTUS vehicle. The price difference is quite obvious as well, as that limo stands at the “meager” $250,000. I don’t know why.

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Brothers By Vehicles

While we are talking about the Mercedes limo, we have to mention that the Philippines President uses a Mercedes car as well. It is similarly priced at around $250,000. It is a newer model, but in essence, it’s pretty similar to that of the Russian President.

Although the current President sees this as too much of a luxury, that probably won’t change anytime soon. The country leader has to be kept safe, after all.

The Frugal Choice

Some people are not that fond of luxury. Others think it’s just money not spent well. That’s why the President of India employs a Mercedes-Benz S600. It’s a very economical choice costing “only” $180,000. That makes it the cheapest vehicle on our list!

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As you can see, the price is relative. The next vehicle on the list will prove that to you.

The Royal Choice

There is no way that I’m going to skip on the Queen in such a list. But as I’ve already mentioned, the Royal Family has quite a lot of vehicles in its fleet.

The traditional Rolls-Royce fills up most of their collection with its Phantom models. However, the truly interesting car, in my opinion, is the Bentley State Limousine.

I admit it – it doesn’t look that impressive. But it’s not what’s on the outside that matters.

There are only two such vehicles ever produced. They were built specifically for Her Royal Highness Golden Jubilee (50 years on the throne) in 2002.

We can guess they are bulletproof and all that jazz, but do you know what’s more interesting? Each of them costs more than $15,000,000! Speak about the price difference on this list, right?

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The Vatican Fleet

I will cheat a little bit here and mention two interesting cars that the Pope uses. I will start with the famous Popemobile. Currently, it’s a specially designed Mercedes-Benz M-Class. It costs about $524,000, which makes it mid-range in our list.

But the other interesting vehicle is the Renault 4 employed specifically by Pope Francis. It was actually a gift by a priest. But it suits the current Pope quite well, as he has proven himself to be a very humble person.

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Under The Red Flag

Of course, I have to mention the leader of China. After all, he is quite the important person to at least a quarter of the world.

His vehicle is very interesting. It’s called the Hongqi Limousine and is manufactured in China. Hongqi actually translates to “Red Flag”, China being a communist country and all. Quite ironically, however, it costs just a bit over $800,000.


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A Royal Family On The Other Side of The World

Being royalty, the family has too many vehicles to mention. However, the Thai King’s favorite was said to be a Maybach 62 Limo.

For those of you who don’t know, Maybach is actually the exclusive luxury brand under Mercedes-Benz. So technically he too fancied the German automobile heritage. That vehicle costs about $500,000.

Back to Britain

The Prime Minister of the UK is the actual most powerful political figure in the country. However, when it comes to the vehicles, they can’t beat the Royal family.

The Jaguar XJ Sentinel is remarkable nonetheless. At its $450,000, the car manages to include many special additions. It has a titanium body, the glass is bulletproof, and it has night vision. Yes, I know, it’s a Bond car. Well, that’s Britain for you!


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What’s Your Favorite?

So these are the picks for today! Which one do you like the most? My personal favorite is the Renault 4, just because it’s so different than the others. But that James-Bond-like car is quite close to my heart as well!





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