Why not to ship personal items in your car

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As you get ready to ship your car, you may be tempted to load it with a few extra items. After all, this sounds convenient, doesn’t it? Especially, if you are in the process of moving.

If you deepen your research, it turns out that leaving personal belongings in the car may not only be more expensive, it may also go against the rules. Let me explain why:

Personal items in your car: Potential risks

Going against the rules

These are not just rules set by the shipping companies. They are regulations coming from the Department of Transportation. Auto transport companies are prohibited to ship overweight loads and face penalties for going against the laws. I know you may be wondering what the rationale for this law is, so I will try to give you some reasons.

Firstly, car haulers do not have a license to transport cargo other than vehicles. Thus, if you try to ship your household appliances together with the car, it’ll go against the official rules.

Secondly, the emptier the car the faster it will pass the security check. The regulations classify some goods as dangerous, while others as absolutely prohibited.

On numerous occasions, police discovered illegal items such as drugs or firearms inside transported vehicles. However, there’re other items that can be problematic. For example, some things may not be allowed to cross a certain state’s border or you may owe an in-state tax for bringing certain goods from out-of-state.

This is why shipping companies rigorously follow the law and impose strict policies when it gets to shipping personal belongings inside vehicles.

High safety risks

Shipping a car implies going through several stages and crossing borders and sometimes takes longer. Leaving any valuable personal items in the car may be dangerous, as they can be a subject of theft.

This is why many auto shipping companies require you to store your personal items in non-visible places. For example, you can put them in the trunk or under your seat, as long as they are not visible at the window-level.

Can I ship personal items in my car?

Additional costs

The insurance coverage for any potential damages to your car will not cover your personal items. Shipping your belongings inside the car is not legal and requires additional inspection. Thus, the car insurance will not cover any damages to these items.

Therefore, while you may think that shipping your belongings with your car will be cheaper, it might cost you more in the end.

First of all, heavier cars cost more to ship in general. And second, because your car will weigh more, it will be subject to additional inspection at the respective borders. This may not only cause prolonged security checks, overall delaying your vehicle’s delivery, but also include potential fines.

Therefore, cost-benefit analysis of shipping your car with a few personal belongings suggests that the lack of insurance coverage and potential fines may translate into additional costs.

Items banned under all circumstances

As a general rule, you shouldn’t transport your personal items (especially above 100 lbs) inside your car. Moreover, there are some items that the law specifically forbids. They consist of: alcohol, drugs, explosives, flammable items, firearms, or anything else illegal. And having these items in your car will put you in trouble.

personal items in your car

As I’ve mentioned before, I would also add household devices as part of this list. This is because they may require a special shipping license and may also ultimately damage your car.

Corsia Logistics shipping policy

Depending on state regulations, distance, and carrier, different logistics companies apply their specific policies. Therefore, we recommend checking with your potential shipper before making any decisions.

At Corsia Logistics, we allow the shipment of personal items under certain terms and conditions:

  • The items should not exceed 100 lbs, otherwise, additional charges will apply.
  • You should pack your personal belongings in one suitcase or bag. You should then store them in the trunk or below the window level. No heavy items are allowed.
  • Items such as alcoholic beverages, jewelry, furs, money, live pets, live plants, explosives, guns, ammunition, flammable products, narcotics, negotiable and legal papers, or any unlawful contraband are strictly forbidden.
  • Corsia Logistics may confiscate any illegal items without reimbursement.
  • Corsia Logistics will not be liable for any damage caused to your vehicle from improper loading of personal items, nor for any thefts.

In case you have any questions regarding the previous rules or need advice on how to prepare your car for transport, you can contact us via phone or email. We will be happy to assist you and relieve you from any potential stress of the car shipping process


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