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If you want to find a polarizing subject, you can never go wrong with the weather. You either enjoy the nice sunny glow of summer, or you prefer the cozy white look of winter. Not to mention that you most likely dread the other season for countless little reasons as well. That being said, our responsibilities care little about what time of the year it is.

If you have to ship your car, you probably do not have the luxury of waiting until it fits your season preferences.  And since the cold months are right around the corner, it is wise to learn a thing or two about shipping your car in the winter.

Today’s article will be a bit different though. Instead of focusing completely on winter auto transport, we will compare it to summer car shipping. Together we will see what unique challenges each type of weather holds. Who knows, maybe the season will not matter that much after all? Let’s find out!

Winter specifics – what you need to know

If we start comparing the two opposing seasons, we can find plenty of pros and cons for both of them. Nevertheless, for the majority of people winter does not seem that suitable for any kind of move. Even if the summer heat gets uncomfortably intense, people still prefer it over snowstorms.

When it comes to car shipping specifically, winter definitely presents some trouble.

For example, heavy snowstorms can be concerning for the majority of car carriers on the market. They would err on the side of safety and wait until the roads get cleared. That would obviously slow down the entire shipping process.

Even light snow is not ideal. In such weather, you cannot expect your car to arrive clean if you have booked open car transport. Fortunately, you can remedy that by going with an enclosed carrier if you do not want to wash the car afterward.

When you know all that, you may think that winter is just a nightmare for shipping. But actually shipping during that time is the smart thing to do.

Imagine what it would be if you had to drive the vehicle yourself! With a car shipping company, you will have peace of mind. There will be no chance of getting stuck in the middle of nowhere with snow all around you. As challenging as it is, it is just a better alternative. And then there is summer…

Is summer much better?

Considering that most of the winter problems come from snow, you may think that summer presents no issues at all. But is that notion right?

It is definitely true that many of the aspects of car shipping are just smoother during the warmer months. Carriers are usually not slowed down by weather, or at least not as much. That makes the entire process faster, which is better for all the parties involved.

We cannot neglect the factor of convenience either. People are generally more relaxed during summer. If you need to take some time off for moving and car shipping, June, July, and August are definitely the months to do it. Not to mention how important that actually is for people with kids in school.

However, depending on the state, cars may not be able to escape the need for a wash after transport. This time around the warmer states are the problem. For instance, Florida sees quite a lot of rain, while Texas and California can get super dusty. This is not a real issue for the car per se, but it is still a hassle for many people.

All in all, it is easy to assume that summer has the upper hand in the whole deal. Faster transport, no snow, and plain convenience – you could not want more than that. It may even sound a bit too good to be true. There has to be a catch, right?

How does each season affect car shipping prices?

Here is where things get a bit tricky. Depending on which auto transport service you look at, the price may be determined quite differently.

For example, some services have flat fees. With them, you do not really know whether seasons have any effect at all. Because that way the price remains pretty much constant, some may think that is great. After all, it should be better to have a clear price regardless of the season, right? Not exactly!

Think about it – a flat rate is always a one-size-fits-all solution. How can it then be the perfect price for your own situation? It really cannot be. That is why we from Corsia Logistics have a different approach. We provide a free car shipping quote with a price that is specifically tailored to your needs. Moreover, our prives are manual strictly reflecting the current market conditions.

However, when we are talking about the season’s effect on pricing we have to consider a couple of additional details. For starters, the shipping cost is not directly influenced by the time of the year. There is no given seasonal sum that just gets added to the total of the quote. Instead, there are other factors that get influenced by weather, which can, in turn, change the price.

You can look at the supply and demand situation for a more concrete picture. The price depends quite a lot on how many people need auto transport at any given moment. Now consider which season people usually prefer for moves. That is right – summer! During that time the demand rises, so the prices shift accordingly. These changes may not be overly drastic, but can be noticeable nonetheless.

While this view of the matter is somewhat simplified, it still does a good job at explaining certain fluctuations in costs. However, even if you expect prices to drop when winter comes closer, there are some routes that can actually get more expensive. Let’s see which these are!

The snowbird phenomenon

Like I have already said, there are people who just cannot stand the cold climate. Some of them dislike it so much that they do their best to escape it. Every fall they get ready to move down south, where winter does not have that much of a hold. Because of their seasonal relocations, these people are known as snowbirds.

Most commonly they move from all northern states to places like Florida, California, Texas, and several other warmer states. And when spring hits we see the opposite relocations. Such regular moves often spike up the demand for car shipping along those routes as well. Naturally, that would drive the fees up during these seasons, due to limited carrier supply.

You should keep all that in mind if you are planning to book a carrier for some of the snowbirds auto transport routes. Do not get tricked by low prices coming from random little-known shipping companies. Such fees would be unrealistic and would probably come at the expense of vehicle safety, timeliness or other important shipping factors.

What to do when you need car shipping during the winter?

Even though winter has its challenges, it is not an inherently bad time to transport your car. A reputable shipping company, such as Corsia Logistics, can handle everything you need regardless of the season.

We are always looking to stay on top by providing comprehensive car shipping services to all of our clients. If you need help with transporting your car, we are up for the task. Our team of shipping professionals will handle all the aspects of transportation. And if you need more information, we are always ready for your questions. Just reach out to us!

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